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BR Chassis PRO58 Wheelbase 101-109mm

BR Chassis PRO58 Wheelbase 101-109mm

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Wheelbase: fully adjustable from 101mm to 109mm
Width chassis base plate: 58mm
Width with body mounts: 64mm (can be shortened to 58mm)
Width of rear axle brackets (outside): 30mm
Width of front axle brackets (outside): 44mm
Motor mount: 13D (like FOX or SRP)
Weight without motor (including body performance weights): 86.7g
Weight with motor (including body performance weights): 109.45g
Weight of body mount including body performance weights: 2x 8.30g = 16.60g
Guide keel adjustment range: 12.5mm
Suspension: 2 point suspension via CNC T-sleeves and springs
Bodylift: Can be activated or deactivated (when the suspension is compressed, the body is raised so that the wheels do not drag in the wheel house).
Axle supports: can be ordered in two different heights for the front and rear axles (the minimum wheel diameter for 1mm ground clearance is specified here).
Option 1:
Front axle min. Ø 23mm / 1mm ground clearance
(including supplied spacers max. Ø 25mm)
Rear axle min. Ø 22mm / 1mm ground clearance
(including supplied spacers max. Ø 26mm)

Option 2:
Front axle min. Ø 26.5mm / 1mm ground clearance
(including supplied spacers max. Ø 28.5mm)
Rear axle min. Ø 25mm / 1mm ground clearance
(including supplied spacers max. Ø 29mm)

Please choose between option 1 and option 2 when ordering.

Each chassis comes with a selection of carbon spacers for adjusting the ground clearance . The values ​​given above are based on the minimum diameter. By inserting the spacers, the ground clearance can also be adjusted for larger diameters in 0.5mm increments.

2 motor screws are included in delivery.

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